Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Computer science & Engineering (CSE)

Computer science is the study of Information and algorithms within the contest of real and abstract computing devices. Computer scientist is interested in such topics as the representation and storage of information, algorithms to access, display, edit, and transform information, programming languages to express algorithms, and Hardware and software processors to execute algorithms. These concern lead to practical development in computer systems software, such as operating system & compilers, in application areas, such as artificial intelligence, computer graphics, and computational biology, and also lead to theatrical investigations of computers, algorithms, and data.

Computer engineering is a closely related filed that is concerned with the design and practical application of computer hardware and software system to the solution of technological, economic, and societal programs. The computer engineer analyzes a program and select from a variety of tools and technology design, software creation, and systems integration. The program provides an in-depth education in computer engineering while retaining strong foundation in traditional electrical engineering and computer science.

The Computer engineering program involves digital hardware, software and architecture. Mathematics, engineering design, laboratory work, and communication-skills development are also emphasized. A major team project must be complete during the final year of course duration. The object of undergraduate education in computer engineering is to develop broadly education and competent graduate for professional carriers or graduate studies. Especially important is a foundation that will endure technology advance and changes.