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Prospective students should obtain a VUB admission form on payment of the usual fee. The student should return the completed application form to the admission office. All correspondence and inquiries concerning admission to the university should be addressed to the Registrar/Admission Office.

Application for admission into the programs of the university are processed by the university admission office and the applicants are called for an admission test. The dates of these tests are notified from time to time. Accepted applicants must secure their admission and pay necessary fees withing the date specified in the notification.

Admission Requirements For Various Programs

For undergraduate program, the entry requirement is Higher Secondary Certificate or equivalent Certificate. In order to be eligible for admission a student must secure a minimum of GPA 2.5 at all levels. Prescribed application form is available in the University on payment of the usual fee. Completed application in prescribed form is to be submitted in the University. All information regarding admission is found in the admission office and catalog of VUB, as well as, in the information desk of the university.

For a Master's program, the entry requirement is a Bachelor's degree from a legally recognized university. There may be pre-requisites, if there is a deficiency in some of the earlier programs. The respective department and/or the Equivalence Committee determine such pre-requisites.

There is a VUB Equivalence Committee for determination of different equivalence. VUB accepts students having equivalent foreign or local degrees as per the pre-requisites assigned by the respective department/faculty. A student studying or having completed another program at another institution or transferring from one program to another within VUB may apply for credit transfer. Transfer of credit for the relevant courses are subject to approval of the Equivalence Committee.

 All applications must be accompanied by the following documents:

  1. Attested copy of the Certificate and Mark sheet of S.S.C. Examination, or equivalent Examination.

  2. Attested copy of the certificate and Mark sheet of H.S.C. Examination, or equivalent Examination.

  3. One stamp size and four-attested passport size photographs. One of the passport size photographs will be returned to the candidate with signature and seal of the officer authorized by the University. This will be retained by the candidate to be produced for his identification when necessary.

  4. A statement acknowledging the payment of admission fees.
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