Founder & President, BoT

K B M Moin Uddin Chisty

Founder & President, Board of Trustees 

It is a great pleasure for me to welcome young men and women to Victoria University of Bangladesh (VUB), a seat of learning and scholarship, dedicated to provide them with high quality education and for preparing them to face the challenges of new millennium. In its efforts for raising the level of living of the people, Bangladesh needs high quality high-level human resources and VUB is committed to deliver this.

VUB received government approval to function as a full-fledged university under the private sector in May 2003. In Spring 2004 it offered its first semester with few students in two faculties. Within a year, its student strength grew to over 450. We are committed to provide the best education with relatively low tuition fees.

As a student at VUB, you become a part of a fully supportive but challenging learning environment designed to guarantee academic success and foster the personal confidence necessary to secure a good job or pursue graduate study. Our educational philosophy is built around the concept of the student as a total human being. You can be rest assured that when you enroll yourself at VUB, your complete well-being is our top priority.

I am confident that you find the catalog useful and informative. For additional information, you are advised to refer to VUB’s admission office.

With best wishes for your success.

K.B.M. Moin Uddin Chisty

Founder & President, BoT